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CE :: Elementary AU :: by NorthMoonAlaska CE :: Elementary AU :: by NorthMoonAlaska

Haha finally ! Here is my entry for :iconaph-elementary:

Pff... it's really bad, I didn't really know the relations... because I didn't develop her relation with other countries in her "official" bio. 

=A= I'm a very bad admin.


Name: Sedna B. Jones
Nickname: Simply Sedna or Sed
Gender: Female
Age: 17

State: Alaska

Subject: Reception

Personality: Kind
, calm, lightly clumsy and shy, Sedna isn't good with the social life. She is often embarrassed and « mute », because she doesn't know how to behave with the people, and doesn't know how to show her feelings. Sometimes, she looks like an animal : she is very curious, but also suspicious. Then, once that she accepts you, she is loyal. In some cases, she has the annoying tendency to reddening... and that embarrasses her. Deep down in her heart, Sedna can be sensitive and doesn't accept treason. She is lunatic and sometimes « misanthropic » and « yandere ». 

Strengths: She is able to adapt to many situations and knows to make her own way. Her curiosity can be a strengh: she learns many things and learn quickly ! She is fast, volunteer and very discreet. She fluently speaks english, spanish and eskimo-aleut, but she knows the na-dene language and some russian.

Weakness: She wants to show her “utility” and secretly would like to be loved by people. Her silence can be a weakness, cause she has some difficulties to “express herself” and people don't really know what's on her mind. When she is angry, she rejects everybody and becomes very cold... and regrets after.

Likes: She really likes nature and tranquility (and to take her time) ! She likes old handmade things and old books, she loves to read the history. In food, Sedna loves fish, especially salmon and coley, meats and fruits. She loves winter season, snow and snow-covered landscapes. She knows how to sew and likes it. She is close to the animals, likes to listening the piano and adores the paranormal activities, ghosts stories, flowers and shells.

Dislikes: She hates heatwave and hotter seasons. Being lighlty misanthropic, she doesn't like the crowd and sometimes peoples, but paradoxically, she doesn't like to be alone (she chooses very carefully her friends) She doesn't like parties and festivals, fashion, noise... but Sedna hates when people think that she is weak.


Alfred (America) / Matthew (Canada): They have a brother/sister relationship. They are very different but complete each other. Sedna loves a lot her “brother” Alfred and she likes to “follow” him. But be with Matthew is more enjoyable and relaxing, than to be with Alfred. Sedna is psychologically closer than Matthew, but she can't help herself to follow America.

Li Xao (Hong-Kong): He and Sedna are, more or less, the sames. They don't really speak, they are quiet, calm and sometimes they are like two ghosts who can “speak mentally”... if you don't know where is Sedna, she's probably not far from Li Xao or Emil.

Maricela (Philippines): She doesn't really know how to act with her. She is nice and cute, but as with several people (reception class or others), Sedna is very shy... especially to ask her something.

"Nordic5": She is in good terms with them. She respects them and especially Emil. She likes each of them and they are the rare persons with who, Sedna can really speak. Furthermore, Mathias can makes her laugh, with Alfred.

Ivan (Russia): She doesn't like to be near to him. She thinks he is frightening and she doesn't know why, but she has the impression that she can't escape to Ivan, as if he was here, into the darkness... so horrifying !

Lars (Netherlands): Like Ivan, Sedna finds him frightening, but less than Ivan. But in case of fear, she can hide herself behind him.

Peter (Sealand) / Erica (Liechenstein): She finds them really cute, she loves their character and would like to hug them.


Eeeeeeh I don't really know...  maybe with Russia ?

Elementary AU © :iconmelonstyle:
Alaska © Me
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X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww, she's so cute. >///w///< I really like her hairstyle, too.
NorthMoonAlaska Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
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I think her head is odd, but thanks you so much ^^
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She's adorable!
NorthMoonAlaska Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
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LKeiko Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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NorthMoonAlaska Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
Thanks you very muuch ! ^o^ 
melondramatics Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
Ahhh this is so adorable, dearie! :D <3 Thanks a bunch for entering my contest! ^^
NorthMoonAlaska Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
(xD Just when I send you a note xD Sorry for the "spamming")

Thanks you so much ! And you're welcome ^^
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